Gp recharge internet package

GP recharge internet package

gp recharge internet package will help you to avoid send sms for internet setting .

Recharge based Internet Minute Pack activation is here! Now any prepaid customers can activate Internet and Bundle Pack just by recharging specific amounts through any Flexi load Points.

Recharge Amount  = 12 Taka
Internet Pack = 30MB
Pack validity = 3 Days

Recharge Amount  = 22 Taka
3 Days

Recharge Amount  = 31Taka
3 Days (Activation Day + 2 Days)

Recharge Amount  = 37 Taka
7 Days

Recharge Amount  = 56 Taka
30 Days
gp recharge internet package





Recharge Amount  = 94 Taka
7 Days

Recharge Amount  = 119 Taka
28 Days

Recharge Amount=129 Taka
7 Days

Recharge Amount=149 Taka
28 Days

Recharge Amount=179 Taka
7 Days

Recharge Amount=229 Taka
28 Days

Recharge Amount=337 Taka
28 Days

Recharge Amount=427 Taka
28 Days

Recharge Amount=609 Taka
28 Days

Recharge Amount=1157 Taka
28 Days

Recharge Amount=1522 Taka
28 Days

Recharge Amount=2436 Taka
28 Days

Minute Packs:

Recharge Amount/Pack/Validity

Recharge Amount=14 Taka
40 Minute (GP – GP)
16 Hours (Dynamic)

Recharge Amount=24 Taka
75 Minute (GP – GP)
1 Days

Recharge Amount=43 Taka
100 Minute (GP – GP)
3 Days

Recharge Amount=53 Taka
100 Minute (GP – GP) + 50 SMS
7 Days

Recharge Amount=78 Taka
100 Minute (Any Local Operator)
7 Days

Recharge Amount=99 Taka
300 Minute (GP – GP)
7 Days

Recharge Amount=113 Taka
350 Minute (GP – GP)
7 Days

Recharge Amount=237 Taka
750 Minute (GP – GP)
15 Days

*10 Second pulse is applicable for Talk time
Any Recharged amount other than the Pack Price will be added to customer’s Main balance
Pack Price is inclusive of SD, SC and VAT.
Only Internet & Minute Packs will be activated if the mentioned amount will be recharged. Other amounts should be recharged for regular Flexi load
Recharge based activation is applicable only for Prepaid customers.
Recharge based activation is possible only through Flexi load SIMs. No pack will be activated if the amounts are recharged through any other means
Unused data volume of any Internet pack will be carried forward only when the same Internet Pack is re-activated within the active validity period of the respective pack
Customers need to dial *121*1*2# to know the remaining Minutes balance
Customers need to dial *121*1*4# to know the remaining Internet balance
All the terms and conditions of Internet packs will also be applicable here.
All other terms and conditions of Minute packs will also be applicable here.

Disclaimer:gp recharge internet package can be changed by Grameenphone Ltd


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